Thursday, July 12, 2012

July we are

Like many other people, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have changed my interaction with the web and taken me away from this here outlet.

Life has been shortened to 140 characters or smart arse comments of little import on Crackbook.

I think it is time to write again....we will see if I do :)

So what have I done in the last two years since posting here?  Well I still dance and compete and have done okay at Masters/Champions level in the Modern Jive/Ceroc world.  The cabaret routines choreographed and performed by Charlie and myself have placed well and seem to be enjoyed by people.

We have travelled around the country teaching and having fun.

The big news is my engagement to the wonderful Indigo who was not even on my radar when I last posted here!   This is her for those that don't know.

Obviously this is a pretty amazing time and there is more fun stuff to come.

EX-60 test flight
Work wise, it has been nuts with more product development.  I have designed a new racer, the EX-60 which is the little brother to the original EX-65.  It is not only smaller but has a new profile shape.

The biggest thing though is the development of the new Crossfire burner.  The running joke has been that this burner has been in development for over 20 years but it is here now and is everything we had hoped it would be.

Doubles, triples and quads are running out the door and everyone who has flown with them is very excited.

I just did a quick trip to Cairns for the inaugural flight by Raging Thunder with their new Quads and to do a maintenance training course on the new burner for their staff and staff from Hot Air.

Quad Crossfire - done and in production

August will see me tripping off the Battle Creek in Michigan USA for the 2012 World Ballooning Championship where I will crew for Andrew Robertson. It is going to be a fun week on the crew side of the basket so expect lots of photos and fun stories as that all unfolds.

A little training weekend was had up in Canowindra on the 7th and 8th of July with the Australian team. Lots of fun was with task flying and catching up on the social side of flying which has not really been on my agenda in the past year or two.

It was fun to be back flying with friends and not have it feel like work.  With a bit of luck I will even get around to doing some competition myself some day soon!