Thursday, July 09, 2009

2009 Aussie Nationals

I don't know why I am starting this up again. I think it is a procrastination thing....

It has been an interesting week for me. This is the first Aussie Ballooning Nationals that I have missed since 1994.

I really needed a break after the Worlds in Austria last year and so, here I am watching the results on the internet and having to admit I am wishing I was there.

It looks like they are having great weather and lots of tasks. Paul is running away with the competition with Edwin close behind. It would have been fun to be in that fight.

Andrew Robertson is flying my racer this week. Giving my balloon away was one sure way of making sure I could not get suckered into going at the last moment.

Having said that I have been dancing like a freak for the past year and have not had any time for ballooning so I would have been under prepared and out of practice. It was probably better to leave it to those more keen.

On the dance front, Charlie and I have won both of the major Aussie modern Jive (Ceroc) comps at advanced level and placed 3rd in NZ.

We also have a routine we choreographed together that has placed 3rd a couple of times now too. Very happy with that result.

With one more major comp to go this year we are working hard to make it a clean sweep before we are bumped up into Masters for the 2010 competitions.