Saturday, February 23, 2008

Um, I'm back.....

Believe it or not we made it around Tasman Island and into some building breeze for a blast up Storm Bay, past the Iron Pot and into the Dewent River.

We managed to pass a number of yachts that got becalmed in Strom bay and then held off some others under a two sail reach to the finish line.

In the end it was a very exciting days sail. That last post was written at about 7am from memory and we finished the race just after 4pm that afternoon.

Our final result was a win in PHS division 2.

This is no mean feat. The whole race is divided up into divisions and to win our category is somewhat of a major thing. We were pretty chuffed and partied accordingly.

Crossing the line and tying up amongst all the colour and people is enough to erase any of the hardship of the race and chase the weariness from your bones. By the time we finished I had been working solidly (we all had really) since about 3am and then partied on in the docks and Customs House until about 3am again.

There was still enough adrenaline to keep me going but with New Years eve around the corner I had to keep some go juice for later.

In all the excitement I forgot all about this blog and failed to tell the rest of the world - except for the 50 or so people I drunk dialled from Constitution Dock.

I have put up some of the various photos from the race onto Picasa web.

So what was next?

Well after the race I had a holiday in Tassie with a good friend then it was back to the grind stone at work and that is where I have been ever since!

The kite surfing is going well right up until a sprained ankle last night. I am so hooked it is not funny. I could easily become a kite surfing bum and just cruise the worlds best kitting spots. Ballooning is fun but this is great fun!

I have been dancing my heart out and doing aerials and all sorts of crazy stuff with my little dance partner Charlie. There is plans to do a routine for the Ceroc ball this year so I will be working on that starting in May. It was demoed the other weekend at the Hunter Valley and looks so nice and smooth.

The Hunter Valley was another dance camp thing with two and a half days of workshops and dance parties at Cypress Lakes resort and Tamburlaine winery. I managed about 28 hours dancing in a 42 hour period which was not a bad effort.

Next weekend I am off to Kenya to do some maintenance on a fleet of our balloons in the Masai Mara. I have not been to Kenya for about five years now so I am really looking forward to getting back over there. Expect some good pictures from that little trip!